Dancing With Myself

Cat’s Dance Story – Part Four

Well, you’ve made it this far. You’re in deep. So you might as well read the rest of my dance story. Let’s get on with it…

The last part of this story is hard. It was a difficult time for a lot of reasons. No one likes to talk about themselves at their worst, but in order to understand the significance of the victory, you have to know about the struggle. So, onward.

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Take A Bow

Cat’s Dance Story – Part Three

Yay! You came back for the third installment of my dance story. Or you accidentally clicked the link and are now desperately trying to close this window. But…don’t! Read more about me! Here goes…

For this next part, I need to back up just a bit. 

In addition to being a dancer, I have four children. I danced through most of their pregnancies and returned to the stage shortly after each was born. Being on stage was as much a part of being a mother for me as was diapers and car seats. I remember specifically laughing with my good friend, and fellow dancer, Katie while using a breast pump backstage during my off scenes during one of our shows. If that’s TMI…too bad. You’re in too deep. You’ve got to hear the whole story now!

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