Cat Whitney

AuthorNew2This is Cat. Cat writes books. Cat likes to dance.  Cat is sometimes an aerialist. Cat is also a mom. Watch Cat try to write, dance, and mom.

And now, Cat will also attempt a relevant lifestyle blog.

I have been writing since I was old enough to string sentences together. One of my first great works was a hand-written, extremely dramatic retelling of the events surrounding Hurricane Hugo in 1989. I was nine, and that story is epic. Someday, I will share it with you. Since then, I’ve written some 600,000 words culminating in the release of my first novel, September Blue, in August of 2016. I’m currently working on the second. I have also written the books and lyrics for two original musicals that were performed locally, and ghostwriting is a major part of my current job. Creating a must-read blog is on my bucket list.

I’m creative and passionate, and sometimes a little on the wacky side.  I’ve got kids and cats and a lot of chaos in my life.  I love cosplay. I’ve written a lot of fan-fiction over the years. I can be very organized or very scatterbrained.  I often wear glitter and sequins, sometimes monster makeup, and equally often sweatpants and old tank tops.  I have one tattoo. I am stubborn and soft-hearted.  I have great faith and great struggles.  I am me, unapologetically.

This blog is my place to share my thoughts, opinions, and the stories life gives me. Since my novels are not generally about me, this is my place to express…me. Anyone who reads this is free to disagree, but I will not engage in debate on here or any other online forum. If you really disagree, write it down and share it with me on your own blog. Or, the best option, talk to me. Comments are encouraged, however, inflammatory, defamatory, or just mean comments will be deleted. You have now been disclaimer-ed. Which is not a word. Now, let’s get on with the must-read blog of 2021 (according to my cat).


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