September Blue

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“Once in a while an astounding debut novel comes along, and this is one I am so happy I did not miss.” –Carol B.

“A beautifully woven book about choices made in the face of heartbreak and adversity. Despite their high-profile pasts, Delilah MacClare and Cameron Burke are believable, relatable characters who quickly draw you into their respective stories.” –Susanna F.

“Breathtaking. This book will make you laugh, cry, gasp, and even punch the pages.” –Ashley B.

“SEPTEMBER BLUE is a compelling read about embracing fear and taking control of your destiny-even in the face of unimaginable loss and suffering…I highly recommend this debut.” –Barbara Claypole White, Author of ECHOES OF FAMILY.

Fearless. That’s how Delilah MacClare described herself before she was stripped her of her courage. Now, she’s traveled three thousand miles from her West Virginia home to the village of Chatfield in rural England. She spends her days alone reading romance novels in a pub until the morning Cameron Burke presumes to share her booth.

An English actor with a Hollywood reputation, Cameron Burke has a list of ex-lovers as long as his thirty-year filmography. Had they met in one of Cameron’s blockbuster films, Delilah would have swooned and stuttered in his presence. He would have fallen in love with her at once.

But this is no movie. Instead, what follows is a standoff over rights to the corner booth and, ultimately, a relationship that forces them both to confront all that lies beneath their facades. Perhaps, together, they’ll learn it is never too late to shape a different future. Will Delilah rediscover her fearlessness? Can Cameron become more than the sum of his tabloid exploits?

Don’t miss this powerful, must-read novel.